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On february 21 the “Sveriges ambassad i Bukarest” published some of my photos.

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mimo around the world

Who is Mimo? Mimo it’s a monkey toy. He wa born (purchased) from New York in 2009. Since then he it’s with me everywhere i travel. “Mimo around the world” it’s a photography serie. He travelled in New York, Washington, Vienna, Cluj Napoca, Stockholm and many other places. Checkout Mimo’s gallery for new photos.

welcome to the new “”

Welcome to my new photography web site! I’m glad you stopped by. This site will be dedicated to showing my photography works, publications and my exhibitions. Also in the blog section of this site I’ll write articles on the basics of photography. Be sure to bookmark my page and come back often. New content is being uploaded all the time. I’m also on social media on several different sites. Be sure to check them out and follow me.