Nationalmuseum, Stockholm

  • Nationalmuseum, Stockholm / 2019

    Nationalmuseum, Stockholm

Stockholm Nationalmuseum

Nationalmuseum is Sweden's museum of art and design. Nationalmuseum is also a government authority with a mandate to preserve cultural heritage and promote art, interest in art and knowledge of art. The collections comprise of painting, sculpture, drawings and prints from 1500-1900 and applied arts, design and portraits from early Middle Ages up until present day.


In the newly refurbished museum, the galleries are full of exhibitions comprising mostly of artworks from Nationalmuseum's unique collections. Painting and sculpture are displayed side by side with applied arts and design.

The collection displays will be rearranged several times a year, continuously presenting different themes to be discovered through the collections. Temporary exhibitions, comprising of both Nationalmuseum's collections as well as art borrowed from other museums and instititutions around the world, will serve as a complement to the collections.

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