fotolix @ “Sveriges ambassad i Bukarest” Facebook page

On february 21 the “Sveriges ambassad i Bukarest” published some of my photos.

You can see the post on the Embassy facebook page at:

The post content:

?? Robert moved to ?? Stockholm in search of a better future for his children.

“My story is quite simple. I moved to Sweden a year ago with Mihaela, my wife, and Amalia and Raisa, our little girls.

We are still at the beginning of this journey, but the kids seem to enjoy a country where they are seen as important. We find it truly impressing to find so many playgrounds, parks and real forest with wild life, in such a big city like Stockholm.

My wife, Mihaela, is working as a doctor. First year at work was very challenging for her, but she was surrounded by colleagues that were supportive and kind, and introduced her to some Swedish traditions like fika.

For me, as a photographer, I have found a place where I can capture a truly beautiful part of the world, a place full of inspiration. I live by the quote ‘Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like’ by David Alan Harvey”.

You can admire Robert’s wonderful work on his webpage,

If you also happen to be in ?? Sweden, do tell us about your experience. We’re happy to share it further.

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